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HTML Photo Gallery Generator Software

Quickly create photo albums that can be uploaded to the web to be seen by friends and family
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27 January 2014

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This is photo gallery generator software.

Photo galleries are often an attractive way to display your product and services. On personal pages like blogs, these galleries would be an interesting way to display your holiday photos. This is a tool that helps make photo galleries quite easily and quickly. On the Internet, the game is of attracting traffic and holding their attention for some time so that they find what they are looking for. Unless the eyeballs are a little sticky, the chances of success of your site will be quite a bit iffy. Photo galleries can be an easy means of creating this stickiness with your products and services. This tool will create albums as HTML files using the photos you provide. The user interface is very simple. The controls are quite intuitive too. Most users will be able to get familiar with the tool very easily. It also has the means to process the batch of photos together to create the desired album in one go.

You start by gathering the photos together. Controls provide for uploading single photos at a time or a full folder of them. You have to provide a title of the photo gallery of course. The order of the photos can be changed through “move up” or “move down” controls. A control provides for adding captions and title. In case of mistakes you can use the “clear all captions”, “clear all titles and “clear all files” buttons. You would have to start over again. Album description, photo and thumbnail sizes, back ground color are some of the other things you could specify. A progress bar is available. This is a very good tool and a suitable candidate for trials.

Publisher's description

This software offers a solution to users who want to create photo albums that can be viewed on the internet. It will create albums as HTML files from your photos. The user can specify a list of image files or an entire folder of images to be processed. The software will create thumbnails in user defined dimensions. Image width and height can be specified or the image can be displayed using its default settings. Also, the background color can be set before publishing the album as HTML.
HTML Photo Gallery Generator Software
HTML Photo Gallery Generator Software
Version 7.0
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